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Designation: UET-05
Price: 0 rur.
Dimensions: 2,7 х 8,6 х 7,6 m
Weight: 90 kg
Package set: cover, ventilator, packaging bag, Spare parts, manual

Evacuation construction “Tobbogan” UAT-05 is designed evacuating people with limited physical abilities (the elderly, disabled people, children etc.) in emergency situations when nothing else (emergency exit, automatic ladders etc.) can be used.

Evacuation construction “Tobbogan” UAT-05 meets technical building regulations stated in TSN 31-302-95 “Homes for disabled children” and TSN 31-303-95 “Homes for disabled and elderly people”.

Evacuation construction “Tobbogan” UAT-05 was tested and approved by Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. The device was declared fire safe and suitable for mass production.