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"Cascade - 5"

Designation: UE-5
Price: 0 rur.
Dimensions: 5,0 х 5,0 х 2,5 m
Weight: 55 kg
Package set: cover, ventilator, packaging bag, manual

     It is hardly believable that jumping from 20 meter height could be safe. But “Cascade - 5” guarantees your soft landing! It was tested by professional stuntmen who used it for landing from 20 meter jumps.
These constructions are designed for rescuing people from top floors of buildings when fire occurs and for stuntmen’s safety during performances.
Besides these constructions we also manufacture special trampolines popular among young extreme sports loving people.
All the materials and pre-packs used in manufacturing evacuation construction “Cascade-5” are tested and certified according to NPB 303-2001.
Evacuation construction “Cascade-5” was tested and approved by Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. The device was declared fire safe and suitable for mass production.
Evacuation construction “Cascade-5” is available in two modifications: with an electronic ventilator and with a manpowered ventilator that for independent operating.