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08 Feb 2010
Who asked:Alex (St. Petersburg)
Question:Can I order a unique strong man, with a unique coloring of our choice, and whether you can still order something that is not in your catalog.
Change the color of a standard product we can without a problem. We are happy to undertake for unique projects. Send your wishes in the form of technical tasks or sketch.

07 Feb 2011
Who asked:phillip toledano (new york)
Question:hello- could you give me a price list of all military inflatable items you manufacture please? also, do you take custom orders for items that i\'d like to have made? thanks very much phillip toledano

Hello Phillip,

Rusbal can’t export military product. In Russia, only one company can export – Rosoboronexport (www.roe.ru). But Rusbal can export civilian version of our military inflatable’s (without heaters, without  metal simulation and etc.) Despite the simplified construction civilian dummy is expensive enough, and we have small market for this product.  We make it only by order. Every time  we discussed price with customers. For instance you can see  http://eng.rusbal.ru/cart/23_417/

Victor Talanov

19 May 2011
Who asked:Andrew (Huntington beach)
Question:Hello there, I have a few questions to ask about the two person lion costume. Since it\'s a two person costume, how do people get in/out? Does only one person wear the battery pack, or do both wearers wear it? And lastly, is it difficult to wear? Regards, Andrew

Hello Andrew.


Costume for two person is easy to use. The using is same as costume for one person. Geting in/out through the zipper. Battery pack can be wear  on one animators or both, it depends on how many time animators will work. To wear this costume easy, than costume for one person, becouse animators can help to each other.


Victor Talanov


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