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Free aerostat rides

There are two methods of flying a heat powered aerostats: free and attached to the ground with a rope.
Free flights are directed by wind. Aerostat’s pilot will find the best place to start so the wind will take you over beautiful sights and landmarks with enough sites suitable for landing. Free rides normally last up to 1 hour.
When you fly in an aerostat high above the earth you re-discover the beauty of the world and feel the magic of flying and the wing in your hair!
Our pilots are fully qualified and our equipment is tested and certified to make you ride safe and enjoyable.
After you have safely landed on the ground, according to the tradition, you will be awarded with an aeronaut diploma and a bottle of champagne to celebrate your début.
This is something you will be telling your grandchildren about!

Manager: Sergey Bazhenov 
(926) 217-60-70 Megafon
(916) 678-03-75 MTS


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