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13.08.2010  |  Cardiology Center Rusbal.

Finished  with a successful operation to implant an artificial heart patient Vozduhoplavateleva R.U. The patient feels well. This is not the first experience of operation. This flying heart a little less…

07.07.2010  |  Was made unique inflatable planetarium.

Inflatable Planetarium is not new, but usually  Inflatable Planetarium used indoors only. In this case, was made an inflatable planetarium that can be used outdoor. In an inflatable planetarium, you…

21.06.2010  |  Made a new hot air balloon 80TA.

Manufactured and delivered to the customer hot air balloon 80TA. Now in the skies over the Bryansk will fly this beauty.

30.04.2010  |  Inflatable bungee “Acrobat”

For the resort near Moscow were made a few rides. Now they have in the arsenal of the original attraction "Acrobat". In comparison with similar, made of steel tubes, pneumatic (inflatable) trampoline…

14.04.2010  |  Landing mat for the circus.(video)

For the Great Moscow Circus on Vernadsky was made a landing mat. This is not the first experience Rusbala in the development and manufacture of such devices. Now, our specialists have unique experience…

09.04.2010  |  Hot air balloon 90TA was made

For winemaker from Azerbaijan was made  hot air balloon 90TA for 6 persons. Posible, for training of pilots of the customer will use our department.

08.04.2010  |  Radio Controlled UFO (video)

A unique project. For advertising customer was manufactured Helium balloon special shape with a remote control. UFO looks impressive, but in the manufacture and operation is rather complicated, because…

01.02.2010  |  Been extended certificates pneumatic Attractions

Certification body techniques leisure "Certification Center BTC, issued a certificate of compliance by more than 30 attractions production Rusbal.

29.12.2009  |  New module MOD-15 for a fish farm

A pneumatic structure MOD-15 of original colors was made for a fish farm "Yaseni" in the town Yeisk, Krasnodar Krai