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The Scientific Production Enterprise RUSBAL welcomes you to enter the enchanting world of our products. Established in 1993, we have been creating your party mood for many years, literally making magic out of thin air. Our job is to find extraordinary solutions in advertising, organising celebrations and providing fun fair equipment. Unique constructional developments and technologies make our products and equipment functional and reliable. The RUSBAL team works for your specific requirements and makes your fantasies come true using just air and fabric. The uniqueness of the products of JSC SPE RUSBAL is valued by our customers in over 200 cities and towns all over Russia and abroad. Among our frequent customers are Russian Agency of Culture, Moscow administration, ROSGOSTSIRK and a number of successful businesses, such as SURGUTGAZPROM, LUKOIL, Oil Company of Tumen (TNK), Pepsico Holdings, MTS, ROSGOSSTRAKH and many more.


JSC SPE RUSBALT specialises in designing and manufacturing inflatable constructions.

  • Hot Air Balloons of traditional and customised shapes
  • Helium aerostats – floating objects filled with helium and used for advertising or decoration
  • Air Figures – still objects filled with cold air and used for advertising or decoration
  • Inflatable air constructions for children – e.g. bouncy castles, water rides, swings, play areas and other constructions for both temporary and permanent use
  • Air and stage sheds for performing, trading and exhibiting purposes
  • Evacuation and stunt devices
  • устройств для эвакуации людей и прыжков каскадеров
  • Air-inflatable buildings and constructions for both temporary and permanent use as a living or working space

RUSBAL engineer and manufacture all of the standard product types listed, however, we are ready to create an inflatable construction that suits just our client’s specific needs and requirements. Our products are known for their mobility, they are quick and easy to use. High quality of our products is guaranteed by our trained staff, modern computer technologies and manufacturing equipment and the quality control system that meets the international standard ISO 9000. JSC SPE RUSBAL are fully licensed to manufacture all of their products. Most of RUSBAL’s mass-produced products are available for hire as well as for purchase.

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We are hoping that this website will help you make the right choice and give you some vivid fresh ideas. So let us improvise together because fulfilling your fantasies is our main prerogative.

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