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Attraction “Acrobat”

Designation: PBF-2,5
Price: 0 rur.
Dimensions: 8м * 8м * 8,3 m
Weight: 90,5 kg.
Package set: cover, ventilator, packaging bag, manual

“Acrobat” is the mobile version of the popular new attraction “Euro Bangi”. We replaced spring bottom with an inflatable one and put air powered posts instead of metal ones in order to make it possible to transport the construction in a car and install in quickly. “Beshenye dengi” (Crazy Money), “Bangeran”, “Gladiator”, “Tochnyi Gol” (Perfect Goal), “Skala” (Rock), “Labyrinth”

“Cascade” is a construction designed for bangi jumping from 6-7 meters height. Waiting time between people – 2 seconds after the first person left the bottom.