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Decorating a theatrical show or any event that involves a stage becomes quick easy and unforgettably colourful with the variety of stage sheds we have got to offer for hire. It will only take a couple of minutes to set a shell shed that will protect actors and equipment from bad weather and looks great at any event!
To make sure everybody in the audience sees what is going on on the stage you could use one of our ready to hire platforms that come in two sizes: 14x10x2 meters and 6x4x1.2 meters. We have two styles of stage sheds available for hire: SN-10 and SNK-10. The latter requires less space and allows performers to come on stage through the gap in the shade. Our fully trained staff will deliver your order to the site and ensure everything is safe and comfortable for you to use.

Manager: Alexandr Kuzin
(929) 659-89-30 Megafon


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