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Aeronautical programmes


Our aeronautical programmes are all-inclusive events aimed for getting maximum effect out of advertising on aerostats or promotional campaigns joined with public aeronautical festivals and events. Russia’s advertising market, especially in big cities, is overloaded. Major business advertisers are looking for new ways to fight for their target audience. This is where our aerostats become extremely useful. Everyone has seen the classically shaped green NTV balloon and specially designed “Baltica” beer can, a can of “Pedigree” dog food, a feather of “The Economy and Life” newspaper and the “Euroset” yellow submarine!
Looking at the latter we will explain what is a specifically designed aerostat good for and how our aeronautical programmes work. JSC Rusbalt and “Euroset” signed the contract in April 2006. The aerostat was ready by June, in other words, it took us the minimum of three months to design and manufacture the aircraft. After it was tested and its suitability for flying was certified, it was formally registered and we began to use it. While the aerostat was being manufactured we designed the advertising campaign together with our client. Our client wanted the aircraft to fly above Russia’s biggest cities. On the June, 17 the campaign called “Look for a flying object in the sky over your city” started. The aerostat cruised above 24 cities: Dimitro-Istov-Velikie Luki-Pskov-Pushkin-St.Petersburg-Ufa-Orenburg-Samara-Toliatti-Perm-Chelyabinsk-Ekaterinburg-Sochi-Krasnodar-Volgograd-Saratov-Nizhniy Novgorod. All the flights were safe and legal. Each time the aerostat reached a city, one of the local radio stations launched games and quizzes related to “Euroset”. The second round or the campaign started on February, 1 2007 when the aerostat floated above Kaluga. Besides people in Kaluga, citizens of other towns like Yaroslavl, Smolensk and Tula have noticed the yellow submarine in the sky. This year we are planning to reach 43 Russian and 11 Ukrainian cities and towns. Belorussia and Kazakhstan are next in line. The yellow submarine is piloted by a record-breaking pilot and instructor Sergey Bazhenov.

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